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Noisy Cricket II-25 on Pre-order for $24.49

Written by on August 9, 2016 in MODS

So we all have seen the noisy cricket – it’s a mech mod that takes 2 18650 batteries.  In short it kicks some ass, there’s very little voltage drop so it hits like a champ.  It’s a very simple design that’s easy to use and I have enjoyed for several months myself.  I was excited to see the version two was coming out on pre-order.

The Noisy Cricket 2 is very similar, it takes 2 18650 batteries, it’s unregulated, and it’s going to kick just as much ass as the original.  So check it, it has a couple features that make it safe and more adaptable to your vaping experience.  It can be run in parallel or series mode, the first model only ran in series.  Series means you connect the positive to the negative of the first battery basically doubling the voltage or output.  When run in parallel you double the amps, increase battery life, and can build lower builds.  So depending on what you like to vape at, you can choose series or parallel or switch when you want to.  This is an awesome feature.

It looks a lot nicer than the original Noisy Cricket but still retains the easy of use and simplicity that the first version is so popular for.  You can adjust the voltage with a switch on the side of the mod, kind of like the Tesla Invader 3.  This is an awesome feature, you can pick your voltage output and not worry about some OLED screen taking away all your battery life.

Check this one out – it’s well worth it.  Click here for this deal!

Noisy Cricket II-25

Click here for this deal!

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